Whistler Author’s Third Novel Stirs a Longing for Home

Book Review: Finding Callidora by Stella Leventoyannis Harvey By Karen McLeod It’s your castle, your plot of land. It’s where you hang your hat. Home. In Stella Leventoyannis Harvey’s new novel, Finding Callidora, home means this and more to the four generations of the Greek Alevizopoulos family. The prologue, an enchanting moment in the present, […]

Feet on the Ground: Chef James Walt & the Evolution of Fine Dining at Whistler

To begin, James Walt came to his unique style of modern mountain cookery naturally, even organically. It was an evolution that has taken place over decades, and that has many component parts – his love of the farms and ranches in the nearby Pemberton Valley, his close connectivity to the coastal fishery first earned while […]


PATRICK CREAN has been in the book publishing business for 48 years. He began his career in 1971 when he joined McClelland & Stewart as a junior editor. Over the years, he has edited both fiction and non-fiction at General Publishing, Somerville House, Key Porter, Thomas Allen (where he was the publisher for 12 years), […]

Book Review: My Father, Fortune-tellers & Me, A Memoir (Italian-Style)

My Father, Fortune-tellers & Me, A Memoir (Italian-Style) by Eufemia Fantetti Book Review By Jane Reid In this haunting memoir, author Eufemia Fantetti takes readers on a wild ride through a childhood steeped in Southern Italian superstitions, family loyalty at all costs and the immigrant experience. Her story begins with tarot cards—a suitable medium for […]

Small Game Hunting Packs an Intersectional Wallop

Book Review by Alli Vail Small Game Hunting at the Local Coward Gun Club by Megan Gail Coles packs an intersectional wallop. Not even 20 pages and two characters in, and author Megan Gail Coles has tackled racism, identity, poverty, sexism, the marginalization of indigenous people, family, alcoholism and revenge. Set in Newfoundland on Valentine’s […]

If you see him, say hello. Blog by Linda Kenyon

If you see him, say hello. Tell him I saw a heron in the park the other morning, on the bank of the creek, beside the culvert that runs under the railway track. I was so close that I could see the scraggy blue feathers on his throat and one yellow eye. What can be […]

A Prescient View of Humanity and Headlines in El Akkad’s American War

American War by Omar El Akkad Book review by Alli Vail It feels impossible to write about Omar El Akkad’s prescient American War without acknowledging realities south of the border and climate change. His novel spans decades but starts in 2074 America. The country is embroiled in civil war after fossil fuel is banned by […]

The Homecoming: Terror in the Family

The Homecoming By Andrew Pyper A Book Review by Katherine Fawcett The Homecoming by award-winning Canadian author Andrew Pyper is a wicked and weird blend of science-fiction, thriller, horror, and family drama that reads like a movie on the big screen. Or a nightmare you can’t wake up from. When the Quinlan family patriarch (it […]

Worth the Wait – blog by Shelley A. Leedahl

This photo—taken minutes before the Toronto launch of The Moon Watched It All in March 2019—is significant to me for a few reasons. Firstly, the man to my left is Red Deer Press editor extraordinaire Peter Carver, whom I’ve had a professional relationship with since he edited my first illustrated book, The Bone Talker, in […]