Book Review: Magdalena

Wade Davis shines a light on our power to heal A curious blend of travel memoir, history, ethnobotany text book and environmentalist’s primer, Wade Davis’s Magdalena offers up cures for despair that will inspire even the most disheartened among us who strive to foster peace and healing. Davis’s evocative storytelling blends the rich and complicated […]

Rosemary Keevil blog: The mentorship connection

by Rosemary Keevil Connecting with other writers through mentoring: When the teacher is ready the student will appear. I have been a journalist for decades and it took what seems like forever to write my memoir: The Art of Losing It: A Memoir of Grief and Addiction. It will be published this October by She Writes […]

Janie Brown blog: My pandemic book birthday

Note to Self:  Don’t launch a book amidst a global pandemic by Janie Brown March 5, 2020 was UK Publication Day (Canongate). We drank champagne and ate cake that my sister Kate had designed for the occasion. The chocolate sponge book was decorated with the bird images from my cover and the words Radical Acts […]

Book Review: The Difference

The Difference by Marina Endicott Review by Farha Guerrero One of the many pleasures of reading is that it allows us to journey to unknown places; and nothing could hold truer than the present moment where we face the uncertainties of global travel amidst a despairing pandemic. Reading is discovering, or as Honoré Balzac put […]

Jenn Ashton on Connection

I have known I was a writer since I was six or seven years old. It has been my other language. If I seemed like a shy nose-in-a-book kid, I was, until you read my writing; and then I was a big, loudmouth, fast-talking, vibrant and vibrating, opinionated little being. One side of my life […]

Book Review: The Glass Hotel

The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel Review by Nicole Fitzgerald Emily St. John Mandel’s new novel, The Glass Hotel, reads like a reflection on a window. The image changes as different characters step behind the glass. Only fragments of the bigger picture are reflected on their faces, leaving the reader to piece together […]

Book Review: Five Little Indians

Five Little Indians by Michelle Good Review by Dee Raffo Five Little Indians follows the lives of five young adults as they grapple with life after ‘Indian School’ in the 1960s. From their prison-like residential school on Vancouver Island, they are turfed onto the streets of Vancouver with no support, money, family connections or life […]

Writing the Body, Dancing the Soul Retreat at Loon Lake

If you’re interested in a writing retreat this year, consider the Writing the Body, Dancing the Soul Retreat at Loon Lake: Dear Writing Women, At the close of a year that has brought challenges of all kinds for our beloved planet and also for many of us personally, I have been thinking about the power […]

2020 Whistler Writers Festival Fundraiser

“Action is the foundational key to success.” Pablo Picasso I need your help. Before I delve into that though, first let me thank you for attending our 2019 Whistler Writers Festival. The conversations generated, the relationships forged, and creative expression released – were incredible. We succeed because of you. We’re launching on ongoing fundraising campaign. […]

Stella Harvey headlines The Writers Studio Reading Dec. 5

  Everyone is invited to The Writers Studio reading series at Hood 29 (4470 Main Street) for the last reading series of 2019 on Thursday, December 5th at 8:00pm led by headliner STELLA HARVEY. We won’t be back until February, so be sure to get your poetry, fiction and non-fiction fix this week!   STELLA is a fiction writer […]