Ресурс 2

Writing the Body, Dancing the Soul Retreat at Loon Lake

Ресурс 2
Ресурс 2
flowwersIf you’re interested in a writing retreat this year, consider the Writing the Body, Dancing the Soul Retreat at Loon Lake:
Dear Writing Women,

At the close of a year that has brought challenges of all kinds for our beloved planet and also for many of us personally, I have been thinking about the power of reading and writing to light our way. Attached below are a few reflections.
If you have been thinking of joining us for the Writing the Body, Dancing the Soul Retreat at Loon Lake in March please remember that the early registration rate ends on January 15th. In If Women Rose Rooted, Sharon Blackie writes, “We have lost the dark, dancing wisdom of women, our deep ways of knowing, our creative, life-giving fire.” This retreat offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in your own writing while gathering inspiration and momentum from the energy of the group, and an invitation to reconnect with your own dancing bodysoul wisdom and creative fire. Ursula Le Guin’s poem offers a beautiful image of how we tell our stories, alone and in the circle of women writing together.
I see her walking
on a path through a pathless forest
or a maze, a labyrinth.
As she walks, she spins
and the fine threads fall behind her
following her way,
where she is going,
where she has gone.
Telling the story.
The line, the thread of voice,
the sentences saying the way.
At Loon Lake we will focus on gathering those fine threads that we have been spinning through the years into the tapestry that is our own unique story. Time and attention will be devoted to the process of finding a form that can accommodate our ongoing writing, whether prose or poetry, fiction or essay. Our usual Wednesday afternoon writers’ tea party will allow time for informal discussion of your writing concerns. If you have an ongoing writing project, bring it along. There will be time to receive appreciative feedback from the group if you want to share some of it in the circle. If you have been feeling blocked, stuck, or simply uninspired, you will leave with renewed excitement and commitment to your writing. Please let me know if you would like to join us. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email or call.
At the turning of the year I send warm wishes for a peaceful heart, enlivened creativity, and the sturdy health that makes everything possible. May the early days of 2020 see you surrounded by love and filled with renewed hope and inspiration for the months to come!
Marlene xo
604.734.3554 (studio)